Welcome To Christ Church of India
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"How can a young man keep his way? By living according to your word." -Psalm 119:9


  • To equip and empower the youth with God's word
  • To guide them to accept our Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord
  • To provide a fun environment for the youth to develop their thinking regarding spiritual matter
  • To encourage them to be witnesses for our Lord Jesus at school and college
  • Highlights for 2006

  • Youth learning and growing in God's word
  • Foundational lessons; Prayer; Bible studies; Application oriented lessons; Communion lesson
  • Metamorphosis & Marturia; Monthly Youth led worship
  • Praise God for all the dedicated youth leaders
  • Major Goals/Activities for 2007 - 08

  • Lessons: Foundational Lessons, Series on Old/New testament books, Training them to study God’s word, Age appropriate Life Application studies & discussions, Apologetics
  • Communion, Skits, Retreat, Conference/Concert, 24hr famine
  • Summit Ministries Conference; Youth Graduation Celebration
  • Major Goals/Activities for 2007 - 08

  • God to equip parents to bring-up the youth in His ways in this challenging environment
  • Prayers for God’s wisdom for the youth workers; Prayers for the youth to stand firm in God’s word
  • Start accountability group within youth; Influence of Internet and Media
  • God’s hand on the College going youth
  • Summit ministries