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Retreat Registration Info

One of the most profound ways to experience fun, fellowship and faith is a spiritual retreat. There is just something about “going away”—retreating—for a weekend with friends that gives us a taste of what life is really all about: enhancing the quality of our relationships with each other, with the world and with God.

Retreats are mountaintop experiences that can impact our lives positively.

  • If you have never gone on a retreat—make sure not to miss this one! You will come back with life-long memories.
  • If you have gone on a retreat before—make sure not to miss this one! Every retreat is different and gives you the opportunity to make new friendships, deepen existing friendships and grow in your faith.

ADULT (18-55) - $140
SENIORS(55+) - $75
KIDS(4-17) - $75
Heated Cabins, 8-10 per cabin, 6 meals included.


The venue for the retreat is Mount Hermon, Ponderosa Lodge located in Santa cruz mountains.


Checks need to be made out to “CHRIST CHURCH OF INDIA” and in the memo you will need to write “CCI Retreat 2019.”

Below is the short URL to access the link for registration.

Register Here